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TSA Secure Flight Program

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in the process of implementing a program known as Secure Flight. The purpose of the program is to enhance the security of domestic and international commercial air travel through the pre-screening of passenger information against federal government watch lists. For effective screening, TSA will begin collecting the traveler's full name (including middle name), gender and date of birth from travel agencies and airlines.

The following deadlines are set by the TSA for collecting passenger information:

  • By August 15, 2009, all airlines and their travel agencies must have the ability to collect, store, gather, and send passenger information for domestic flights to the TSA.
  • By October 31, 2009, this ability is required for international flights.
  • Passenger information must be transmitted at least 72 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. If a reservation is made within 72 hours of flight departure time, the passenger information will be transmitted at the same time the reservation is made.

Egencia Corporate Travel (ECT) has updated the traveler profile fields on their site to allow for the TSA initiative. Travelers will need to update their profile information to include their full name, gender and date of birth for compliance with the TSA Secure Flight Program.

Reservation information for flights reserved prior to May 1, 2009 will be "grandfathered" and are not expected to contain the full name, gender and birth date of the traveler.

Purdue Central Travel Office will continue to monitor this program and will advise travelers of updates and/or changes as they become available.