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Currency Exchange Rates

The following source may be used to find exchange rates for converting receipts in foreign currency to US dollars for reimbursement purposes. Please remember to use the rate for the same time period as your travel.

The calculation for the exchange should be written directly on the receipt. On 9/25/01 the conversion rate for FF to US dollars was .136965. Written on the receipt should be: 2000 FF * 0.13965 = $279.30 US dollars, this should then be transferred to the appropriate line on the Travel Reimbursement Request Form 25.

Currency Converter - View exchange rates for any day since January 1, 1990 through yesterday. Updated Daily. (OANDA, Inc.)

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?

This is the practice where a merchant in another country offers to settle the charge in credit cardholder's home currency rather than the currency of the country of travel.

For instance, a hotel in Dublin may reconcile the bill in US dollars instead of euros. Because the exchange transaction is converted at the point of sale, the traveler knows the final bill at signing. However, there are fees included that may result in a less competitive exchange rate. Some travelers prefer to have the charge converted based on the bank rate, which would exclude the merchant fee if converted at time of purchase. The practice is not a mandate, but an option. I f you have a preference, take a good look at your charge receipt before signing.

Either way, the expense will be reimbursed in US dollars with appropriate receipt.