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Cash Advances

Cash advances are available to employees who will be traveling on University business.  All business travel expenses must have a legitimate business purpose, and be substantiated with sufficient documentation.  Any unused amount must be returned to the University via Payroll Deduction at the completion of the trip.

There are two ways to obtain a Cash Advance:

1)   Use your Visa Travel Card at any ATM to receive up to $500 cash per cycle.  Upon return, reconcile the ATM Cash Advance in Concur.  For specific instructions on how to reconcile the ATM Cash Advance, see the QRC titled Completing an Expense Report from a Travel Request in Concur Travel & Expense.

2)   Cash Advance greater than $500 should be requested through the Concur Travel & Expense System.  The Cash Advance will require fiscal approval in the Concur system, and will be paid to the employee via Direct Deposit 2-3 days ahead of the departure date.  Upon return, the Cash Advance must be ‘assigned’ to the proper expense report, and reconciled.  For specific instructions on how to request, assign, and reconcile a Cash Advance, see the QRC titled Cash Advance in Concur Travel and Expense.