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Lodging expenses are reimbursable if the business trip is overnight or long enough that the traveler needs to stop for sleep or rest to properly perform their business duties.

Lodging expense is reimbursed upon presentation of an original receipt from a commercial lodging establishment. University guidelines allow for a daily room rate not exceed 100% (double) the CONUS/OCONUS maximum lodging rate plus tax. When this rate is exceeded an explanation should be included on th expense report. A person may not claim reimbursement for lodging when the lodging was provided by a person who is not in the business of providing lodging.

  • A lodging receipt is always required.
  • The receipt must show
    • The name and address of the place of lodging and dates of occupancy.
    • Daily room rate and taxes
    • Details of other charges such as meals, telephone calls, etc.

Extra charges such as tips, room service, movies, personal phone calls, laundry services (less than 4 consecutive nights), late checkout fees, meals or miscellaneous charges are not included in the lodging expense.

 Additional fees charged for late checkout are not reimbursable. It is the traveler’s responsibility to check out of the accommodations in sufficient time to not be required to pay additional expenses for late checkout.  Generally lodging establishments have facilities to store luggage at no additional cost after checkout.

Lodging During Foreign Travel

Regardless of source of funds, the cost of the lodging must be converted to US dollars with the calculation shown on the receipt.

Sharing Rooms

Faculty/staff members may be reimbursed when paying for expenses on behalf of other employees, IF

  • Both employees are conducting official business for the University, and
  • The employee bearing the ORIGINAL receipt claims reimbursement, and
  • The accounts are distributed on the reimbursement claim, Form 25, (in the case of multiple accounts, and
  • Claim forms submitted together and cross-referenced with an explanation of which traveler incurred the expense.

If the staff member occupies a room with a spouse or other non university person (double room rate), it is the traveler's responsibility to have the place of lodging note and initial the single room rate on the lodging receipt, even if the single and double room rates are the same. If this is not done, Disbursements will determine the single room rate from various travel publications or from the local travel agencies and will reduce the reimbursement request accordingly.


Commercial receipts for campgrounds will be reimbursed as lodging receipts.