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Registration Fees

Registration fees $75 or greater for attendance at professional meetings may be reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt with itemization if available.

If receipts are not provided by the conference/workshop, it is the traveler's responsibility to obtain acceptable proof of the claim for reimbursement, i.e., proof of payment (credit card receipt) and a supporting document indicating the amount.  Most conferences have a website that travelers may visit for additional information.

  • If the Visa travel card is used, we do not require the receipt to show a $0 balance because the actual amount will come into the Available Card Charges pane on the traveler's My Concur page.
  • If a personal card is used, the receipt must show a $0 balance and how it was paid or documentation of payment amount from the credit card statement may be provided.  If the traveler chooses to pay the registration with a personal card, the reimbursement is made after the trip.

Travelers and delegates should be aware of any meals included in the registration fee and these meals must be reduced from the fixed meal allowance on the Concur expense report.

Payment of any optional conference activities, i.e., tours, are not reimbursable and must be marked as personal if the Visa travel card is used.  Any requests for optional conference activities are approved on a case-by-case basis.

The Visa travel card may be used to prepay registration fees for conferences.

  • Any fees for special events (tours, museums, etc.) not included in the initial registration fees are not allowable and should be itemized and marked as personal.
  • If the registration fee includes any meals or meals are furnished gratis these should be deducted (see below) from the fixed meal allowance.

When fixed meal allowance is not being paid, no deduction will be made for meals furnished (re: one day trip) unless meals are listed separately (optional) from the actual registration fee.


Books, CDs, Tapes, & Publications:

Additional charges for books, publications, CDs, tapes, etc. from conferences or workshops are reimbursable on the expense report with an original receipt if the expense is $75 or greater. A statement that the items purchased becomes property of the department must appear on the expense report.