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County Extension Service

Travel processing for staff members of the County Extension Service (CES) is administered in relatively the same manner as the rest of the university. The exceptions are the use of a Form 21 (Mileage Reimbursement Claim) and a deviation in the overnight lodging reimbursement policy.  Contact the Field Extension business office for access to the Form 21 form.

The Form 21 is used to reimburse extension officials for monthly mileage on their personal vehicles. The nature of their jobs requires them to travel throughout their county and state to conduct business. Therefore, employees of the County Extension Service can be reimbursed monthly for mileage accumulated on their vehicles while they were traveling on university business. This reimbursement is accomplished through the Form 21.

This form is completed at the end of each month and forwarded to Travel in Freehafer Hall for processing. After processing, the reimbursement will be direct deposited if the employee has payroll direct deposit. If not, a check is written and mailed directly to the individual submitting the claim.

Lodging expenses are reimbursable if the business trip is overnight or long enough that the traveler needs to stop for sleep or rest to properly perform their business duties. Exception requests are reviewed via the CES Form 100. Completed forms should be forwarded to the CES business office in the Agriculture Administration Building on the West Lafayette campus. The request is approved by the assistant director of the County Extension Service and the business manager.

The CES department will approve, on an exception basis, blanket travel for staff members whose normal work activities cause them to frequently travel into contiguous counties in Indiana's neighboring states. Authorization for out-of-state blanket travel should be initiated by the County Extension Office and must follow the departments' written polices.