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Industrial Basics

Industrial Proposals have the same requirements as any proposal. If you become aware of an Industrial Proposal, you would use the Proposal Notification Form 2009. There are a few differences to note, however:
  1. Proposal Submission Form with Academic Signatures Affixed

    This should include both the proposal address and Point of contact and the legal address of the sponsor (for use in the contract). A phone number is always a good thing to include.

  2. A Statement of Work

    This is used as the Contractual Statement of work so it should include any intended deliverables. With Industrial sponsors, Intellectual Property is often an issue, therefore the Principal Investigator should be very clear as to what work is being funded by the Sponsor.

  3. Budget and Budget Justification

    A Coeus budget should be included in the proposal routed to SPS. Coeus budgets are internal documents generated to ensure that the project is costed in accordance with University policy. The proposal should also include a budget to be sent to the sponsor. That can be a one line statement of cost or it can be a detailed budget. The budget is also incorporated in the contract.
The biggest difference with Industrial projects comes with the contract negotiation process. The University has developed several templates for use with our industrial sponsors. If you have questions concerning which template is appropriate, please contact spscontr@purdue.edu or call (765) 494-6210 and someone will assist you. For Industrial Projects, although the contract negotiations can and often do begin before an official proposal is received, the Contract cannot be Fully Executed until a proposal with all the required approvals is received by SPS.