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Foundation/Non-Profit Proposals

Foundation and Non-Profit Proposals are the same as standard proposals with one small difference. These types of sponsors often limit F&A and other costs. For more on when it is acceptable to budget a lower or no F&A rate, see F&A Policy for For-Profit Companies, Foundations and Not-For-Profits.

Foundation and Non-Profit Proposals still require these three elements:

  1. A Proposal Submission Form with Academic Signatures Affixed
  2. A Statement of Work
  3. A Budget and Budget Justification

In the event that the Principal Investigator would like to demonstrate Purdue support for a Foundation/Non-Profit Proposal by cost sharing some project expenses, but the Sponsor does not require that cost share commitment. In the Budget Justification, please add the disclaimer: "This is not intended to be auditable cost share but instead to show the University's commitment to the project."