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Submitting Proposals through Discovery Park

Once the PI has decided to run a proposal through DP, the PI should contact the appropriate center director and/or managing director. Upon center approval to proceed, he/she will contact Discovery Park Pre-Award Services at spsdpark@purdue.edu to begin work on the proposal.

The Discovery Park proposal specialists perform the functions of the academic business office and Sponsored Program Services. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Review sponsor guidelines and identify key issues in advance
  • Facilitate meetings with PI, business office, and other appropriate individuals
  • Collaborate with VPR staff, as appropriate, during the proposal process
  • Develop timeline for all input and approvals
  • Prepare the budget and review the budget justification
  • Secure subcontract information
  • Assist with cost share commitments and documentation
  • Assist with sponsor forms and electronic submission systems
  • Assure the proposal meets all sponsor guidelines and is in final form
  • Obtain appropriate academic and business office signatures
  • Provide Institutional approval for proposal