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Not-for-Profit Proposals at Purdue: Quick Reference Guide

  • These proposals include any sponsor who has been classified as being “Not-for-Profit” by the IRS. They can be Foundations, Society's, Associations, Institutes, Councils, etc.
  • Sponsors usually have submission, budget and administration guidelines that must be adhered to closely.
  • Most do not allow full F & A recovery. Purdue will accept their lower rates as long as it is a published rate. This can usually be found in their guidelines or on their web page. Please send this information along with the proposal.
  • No charges can be incurred before or after the project period.
  • Internal no cost extensions cannot be granted. A letter must be written to the program director requesting the extension.
  • Any rebudgets that are necessary through the life of the project must be approved by the sponsor.
  • Upon completion of the grant, a final accounting is due to the sponsor within 60 – 90 days. This final accounting is expected to match the original budget that was submitted to the sponsor.
  • All unexpended funds must be returned to the sponsor.