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NASA Proposals at Purdue: Quick Reference

General Information:

  • For any solicited proposals, always follow the program announcement which can be printed off of the Web from the various Research Center sites web pages.

  • For any unsolicited proposals there are a few minimum requirements plus any extra information the PI wishes to provide. The few requirements are as follows:

-Cover Page containing the following information

  • Project Title

  • Project Dates

  • Project $ Amount

  • Entity PI is submitting through (should be PU)

  • SPS Mailing Address – Young Hall, 302 Wood Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2108

  • PI's Name and Signature

  • SPS Name and Signature

-Statement of Work (Description of Project)

-Detailed Budget Pages

-Budget Justification

-Curriculum Vitae (Biographical Sketch)

Important Web Links: