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Industrial Proposals at Purdue: Quick Reference Guide

  • All Industrial proposals must route through the University Contracting Group for their review and addition of an appropriate contract.
  • Proposals should be funded at full University overhead unless the following exceptions apply.
    • The Proposal is equal to or less than $10,000 per year
    • An overhead waiver has been approved
  • If a budget is requested by the sponsor, a burdened budget should be forwarded for their review. A burdened budget is a budget estimate in which the F&A charges are distributed proportionately to the different detailed direct cost budget categories rather than shown as a line item.
  • No charges can be incurred before or after the project period.
  • Internal no cost extensions cannot be granted. Any changes that are made to the contract must be approved in writing by the sponsor. P. I. should prepare a letter addressed to the sponsor to request the extension, and the letter sent to Keven Gipson, who will prepare an amendment to the contract. Amendment and letter will be sent to the sponsor by Keven. Be sure to specify how much more time is needed.
  • These fund/centers cannot usually be used as cost sharing for other grants unless the sponsor is contacted and approves these funds to be used as cost sharing.
  • Final payments are often tied to final technical reports.
  • Unexpended balances of fixed price agreements can be moved to the departmental residual fund/center. If the unexpended balance exceeds the original award by 15% or more, a detailed explanation for the remaining balance must be submitted along with the residual form.
  • Because of the signatures needed on the contract, industrial proposals require a longer review period. Please plan to allow 3-5 days to process industrial proposals.