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DOT Proposals at Purdue: Quick Reference Guide

The U. S. Department of Transportation has numerous sub agencies that have their own guidelines on what is required to be submitted with proposals. It is therefore very important to know which sub agency your faculty are submitting to and what that sub agency's requirements are.

  • The U. S. Department of Transportation has sub agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  • Due to the level of review done by these sponsors it is very important the correct approved rates are used in the budget preparation. Some of these rates include fringe benefits, graduate medical insurance, and graduate fee remissions.

  • Most of these sponsors require detailed budget information. They want to be able to see the calculations on how you arrived at the budgeted figures.

  • Travel is another budget item that needs to be broken down into the number of trips, number of people, destination, airfare, lodging, per diem, and any other anticipated expenses for each trip.

  • Capital equipment should be supported by catalog prices, vendor's quotes or similar documentation.

  • Supplies and other costs should have backup to support the amounts budgeted.

  • Some of these agencies require Purdue to justify the salary raises budgeted. In those situations the individuals payroll history is provided to document the annual raise percentage requested. It is important not to use the default raise factor in the budget program if the persons you are budgeting normally receives a lower percentage increase annually than the budget program default raise factor is for.