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Instruction No. 4


April 13, 1995


(Supersedes Instruction No. 4 dated May 6, 1993)

TO: Deans, Directors and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

SUBJECT: Administration of Unexpended Funds from All Sponsored Projects

The procedure for closing of industrial projects has been revised to include Federally sponsored projects as well. Unexpended funds from all sponsored projects in funds 41010000 through 45010000 will be considered to be residual funds if all the following conditions are met:

1. The contract is fixed-price (i.e., there is no provision for return of unexpended funds to the sponsor.)

2. All payments required under the contract have been received by Purdue.

3. All required project work is complete, and all reports and other deliverables have been provided to the sponsor.

4. All expenses related to the project have been properly charged to the account.

If all the above criteria have been satisfied, the unexpended direct cost balance in the account will be transferred to a 2201XXXX (Unrestricted Designated) fund/center in the appropriate department. The unexpended indirect cost will be credited to the indirect cost recovery account. Residual funds transferred to the 2201XXXX fund will not be subject to indirect cost.

The unexpended direct cost balance will be calculated by pro-rating the total cost unexpended balance by the indirect cost rate applicable to the project.

Total Cost Unexpended Balance: F&A Rate on project:
$1,535.00 50% MTDC

Transfer to department 100 fund: $1,023.33
Recovery to Facilities and Administration account: $ 511.67

SPS staff will transfer residual funds to the designated department 2201XXXX fund upon project closing. A department reference number (SIO) will be used if requested. Further allocation or tracking of these funds is at the discretion of the department head. 2201XXXX fund/center(s) for all residual funds should be established for each academic department as needed. If a department has an existing 2201XXXX fund which was established for other unrestricted designated income, the purpose of the existing 2201XXXX fund can be expanded to include all residual funds.

  • If the project account was established with minor accounts in several departments, the residual balance will be transferred to a 2201XXXX fund in the major department, unless the department requests otherwise.
  • Residual balances of multi-sponsored, or other fund/centers with open project expiration dates (i.e., 99/99/99), may be transferred to the 2201XXXX fund.
  • If the residual balance is greater than 15% of the total award, an explanation of the excessive residual balance should accompany the request for transfer to the residual 2201XXXX fund center.

  • Once transferred to the residual 2201XXXX fund, these unexpended funds may be expended like other unrestricted designated funds.

  • The attached form should be completed by the departmental Business Office and approved by the appropriate academic entity to request transfer of unexpended funds. Questions should be directed to your Business manager or the SPS Account Manager.

Larry E. Pherson
Sponsored Program Administration