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Apple Computer Inc.


12545 Riata Vista Circle
Austin, TX 78787
Phone: (800) 800-2775
Fax: (512) 674-2973

Purdue Pricing:

Please go to the following URL for Purdue's pricing:


All customized Apple computers MUST have a proposal (quote) number referenced on your order. This proposal number tells Apple the configuration details.


  • Log into the URL listed above and select and customize your computer(s). Apple has recently done an upgrade requiring customers to redo their access to this website. If you are unable to log-in as you have in the past please contact: education.store@apple.com for assitance. If they ask you for your role you would be a "proposer"... (not a purchaser).
  • Once you have finished customizing you will need to click on "Create Proposal"
  • You will be asked to "Please Sign In". If you do not already have an account you will need to set one up. Then you will be prompted to "Log In".
  • Proposal Information Page will appear and ask for required information. Once you have completed this click "Continue"
  • This next page will show your proposal including proposal #. Please make sure to note this number on your Ariba order.

NOTE: These instructions may change as Apple updates their website.

If you need assistance in getting setup to view pricing or create proposals using the Apple Store for Purdue Apple has a dedicated team to walk through the log-in process and provide assistance with the new store. Purdue staff should be set up as "proposers" -- not "purchasers." Please make sure whoever you work with at Apple is aware of this. Please call 1-800-800-2775, Option 1081093. You may also send inquiries to Apple at education.store@apple.com.

Once you have obtained a proposal, place your order in Ariba; be sure to reference your proposal number on your order.


Apple Computer orders should be entered into Ariba broken out by line item and not entered as one line or lot. Each item should be entered with the specific part # in the Supplier Part # field, its corresponding price in the price field, and the appropriate quantity. This detailed information will be listed on the Apple proposal (quote) created through the Apple Store for Purdue University. The proposal should be attached to the PR and the proposal number should be noted as a comment marked “Visible to Supplier”.

Apple Computer invoices Purdue as items are shipped resulting in multiple invoices per purchase order. If your order is entered as one line or as a “lot” and not broken out it will cause invoice reconciliation issues in Ariba, delaying payment and adding extra work to fix the invoice issues in the system. Apple is able to receive detailed PO's through the Ariba network which benefits us in visibility and spend analysis.

Company Contacts:

Click here to check your order status and tracking information. Your Apple Order Number is located on your e-mail confirmation. If you did not receive a confirmation, please contact Apple Order status at: SSOCentralHiEd@apple.com

Inside Sales Rep:
Randy Wright
Account Executive
PH: 512.674.6849

Outside Sales Rep:
Dick Hamstra
Email: Hamstra@apple.com
PH: 317-313-7590


Apple computers, hardware, and peripherals.


Apple computers and monitors must be purchased through Apple. Resellers are not allowed to sell to Education.

Purchasing Agent:

Julie Smith