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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

Requester FAQ's

Approver FAQ's

Receiver FAQ's


General FAQs

Will training be available?

Answer: Yes, online training, QRC’s, recording’s and Instructor Led training for Requesters and Invoice Reconciliation Exception processors. Here’s the Link to Training information.

Will all internet browsers work with Ariba?

Answer: Ariba is compatible with the most browsers such as  Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

How will we request roles if we currently don’t have any?

Answer: Use the Role Request Application.

How will we log-in into Ariba?

Answer: Users will use their career account and password. A link will be available on the Purdue Employee Portal and the Procurement Services website home page.

How do we edit the email notifications we will get into a summary notification?

Answer: Link to QRC

What is the max # of characters in Comments section?

Answer: There are 2000 characters available.

How do you cancel a PO in Ariba?

Answer: To "cancel" the PO - it's called close PO in Ariba.  First, verify if a receipt has already been processsed.  Follow the appropriate section in the Receiving in Ariba QRC.


Requester FAQs

Can we use split line on University Stores requisitions?

Answer: No, this is a limitation in the inventory module. May only have one account for the entire requisition, which includes the same single account assignment must be on all lines.

Do all vendors populate in the non-catalog orders no matter what commodity code you choose?

Answer: Yes, all suppliers are searchable on all commodity codes.

Does an added watcher get notification or have it on their dashboard that they have an order to watch and can they make notes like a reviewer in SRM?

Answer: A watcher will get an email notification and it will appear in their to do section. Also, a watcher can add a comment. They need to click submit and not save for it to appear.

Why would a requisition split into multiple PO’s?


  1. If there are different ship-to addresses on separate lines.
  2. If there are different vendors on separate lines.

When a PO is created will we still get an e-mail with the PO attached from the Purchasing Workflow group?

Answer: An email will be sent indicating the approval flow has been completed. There is a link in the email to open the PO.

When ordering on behalf of another user, who can be selected to order on behalf of?

Answer: Any active employee.

Will vendor numbers change?

Answer: No.

Can you change the GL on a Stores order?

Answer: No, the GL can't be changed. It's a restriction of the Inventory Management module of SAP. The requester should not be able to change it.

Can a negative dollar amount be entered on a line item in a requisition?

Answer: No, a negative dollar amount is not possible. If there is a need for this situation enter the net dollar amount and enter the “original amount” minus “the negative amount” = “net amount”

How do I find the PO# for a requisition?

Answer: Once the email indicating the requisition has been fully approved, then you will be able to find the PO number. Once the requisitions is open click on the Orders tab the PO # will be there.

The cost assignment not finding numbers.

Answer: Clear out the order (or cost center, WBSE) and fund fields enter order (or cost center, WBSE) number and hit enter -- Do not tab or click in another field. Once the full number and description appear then click in fund field and enter the fund number and hit enter -- Do not tab or click in another field.

Stores requisition still in ordering status what do I need to do?

Answer: No action is required by the requester. University Stores has received the reservations and will fill it. We are working on the Manual Supplier PO’s that are a higher priority and will mark these reservations ordered soon. This delay in marking the reservation ordered doesn’t stop the reservation from being processed.

Do all vendors populate in the non-catalog orders no matter what commodity code you choose?

Answer: Yes, all suppliers are searchable on all commodity codes.

I have searched for and selected a commodity code, "Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas materials" for example, however the system wants a 4, 6, or 8 digit code. Where do I find such a code?

Answer: Drill down and select a lower level commodity code. Use the arrow to the left of the description.

Do we order from Printing Services in Ariba?

Answer: No, use their website.


Approver FAQs

Will the approver receive a notification if they need to approve an item?

Answer: Yes, when a requisition or an invoice exception needs to be approved; the approver will receive an email notification and the item will appear in their To Do section on their dashboard.

When will a Purchasing Agent be added in the approval flow?

Answer: If there is no supplier added, no supplier part # (if there isn’t a part number available, enter “No PN”), or a $0 line on a requisition, non-US supplier (for customs information) a purchasing agent will be added. In addition for non-catalog (NC) items in a requisition for West Lafayette and Fort Wayne a NC requisition $1K or greater the purchasing agent will be added. For Calumet and North Central all NC requisitions a purchasing agent will be added. Any catalog requisition >$10K will add a purchasing agent.

When there is a parallel approval, can both approvers be in the REQ at the same time?

Answer: Both approvers could potentially approve at the same time. They would not be able to edit the requisition at the same time.

Can I delegate my approval authority to someone else?

Answer: Yes. It is the responsibility of the person delegating to verify the person to whom they delegate has the same or greater authority prior to delegating authority.

Why can't I accept the PO Received Quantity Variance as a Level 1 Fiscal Approver?

Answer: The only way a PO Received Quantity Variance is cleared is when the receipt is processed.

After the PO Received Quantity Variance is cleared does it need to be approved?

Answer: Yes, once the invoice is reconciled the Level 1 Fiscal Approver needs to click approve in order to pay the invoice. The invoice reconciliation exceptions are two steps the reconciliation and the approval.


Receiver FAQs

As a receiver


What is the auto-receipt feature?

Answer: For PO’s totaling $250 or less a receipt will automatically be posted once the lead time for the item has expired. For catalogs the lead time is set by the supplier and may be different for each item. For non-catalog items the lead time is 5 days.

What if a PO is auto-receipted, but the vendor can’t supply it or there is an issue?

Answer: Once the lead time expires and the receipt is posted, the receiver may process a return. A Receiving QRC for the exact steps to complete the return will be available soon.

Can a receiver enter a quantity that is more than on the PO?

Answer: No, the most the receiver can enter is the quantity on the PO.

Can I confirm an order multiple times?

Answer: Yes, partial receipt can be completed as many times as needed.

How to re-open a PO?

Answer: See the Receiving QRC for detailed instructions

What is there’s a difference in the price on an auto-receive item?

Answer: Price differences will create an invoice reconciliation exception and will be handled by the 1st level fiscal approver.

How do I get a date received for product?

Answer: This should be indicated on the packing slip (or in an email if used in place of a packing slip) from the person that physically received the item.

What if we don’t physically receive all items

Answer: If the PO was auto-received than process a reversal. See the Receiving QRC for specific instructions.

How do I search for orders?

Answer: On the home tab click, Search -> Purchase Order

What does the warning message mean?

Answer: Ariba is applying our approval rules to the receipt. Users just need to click submit.