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What's New with Ariba?

9/17/14 Issue reported that the commitment for 2 lines was not resolved when the receipt contained both a quantity on some lines and zero quantity for other lines and the close order was marked yes in Ariba.  Please send an email to pshelpdesk@purdue.edu with the PO number and descrption of commitment not relieved with receipt closed. Procurement Serivces has a manual work around to relieve the commitment until a fix is implemented. 

9/17/14 If a receiver is trying to process a receipt and the error "On behal of is deleted" appears, this means the requester is no longer active in Ariba.  Contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk pshelpdesk@purdue.edu or by phone 765-49-47279 and we will activate the user for the day. 

7/14/14 Error message on requisitions: "Value type 51 in grant 205395 is blocked for posting." means the grant is not open.  Either use another account assignment or contact SPS to determine why grant is not open.  This error message appears at the bottom of the email for the EP Push Failure and also in the comments on the requisition in Ariba.  The status of the requisition will b composing. 

7/14/14 - RESOLVED: Issue will receipts not posting in SAP beginning 6 pm 7/11/14.  No action is required by Ariba receivers or business office.  There may be an increase in the number of lines on the blocked inovice report.

6/24/14 - Receipt issue when lines 11 and higher do not post in SAP has been resolved as of 6/20/14.  There is a batp news article published on 6/24/14. 

6/5/14 - There is an issue with incorrect account assignment on some invoices that cause the invoice to go to paying failed status.  Accounts Payable Team is handling these manually and posting in SAP.  The status in Ariba will be "paid", once they have posted the invoice in SAP. 

4/29/14 RESOLVED.  UPDATE: We posted receipts where the invoice posted date is through 4/21/14.  4/25/14 UPDATE:  We have posted receipts where the invoice posted date is through 4/2/14.  If your invoice posted date is after 4/2/14, we are posting receipts in the order of the invoice posting date.   4/21/14 - There are several invoices on the SAP Blocked Invoice Report and the GR/IR Report due to the receipt not passing from Ariba to SAP.  Procurement is working to post those receipts in SAP as soon as possible.  The receipt in Ariba would be dated 4/1/14.  I will post an update as the receipts are completed.   

4/10/14 The vendor naming standards (abbreviations) that were used when SRM went live back in 2007 are located here.  The abbreviations have not been followed completely.  When searching for a vendor make sure to search using these abbreviations and without abbreviations.   When the clean up of the abbreviations is complete an announcement will be made.   

4/7/14 Work has begun on creating the Invoice Reconciler Role.  This role will allow users that are not Level 1 Fiscal Approvers the ability to reconcile exceptions prior to being approved by the Level 1 Fiscal Approvers.    Work has also begun allowing requesters to use the Amount feature in Split Accounting. 

4/3/14 - We've had some Ariba PO's that are appear on the GR/IR report with a quantity issue The GR quantity is 1 and the IR quantity is just under 1 (like .998).  If there is a PO on your report like this with a posting date more than a week old, please send an email to the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk with the PO number and GR/IR quantity issue.

4/2/14 - UPDATE: All receipts have been manually posted in SAP.  4/1/14 - Posting period 2014/10 was not opened as scheduled last night, so all receipts processed today failed to pass to SAP.  An email to receivers indicated an ERP PUSH FAILURE.  There is no action needed by receivers, Procurement Services is following up on all receipt and verifying they do post in SAP today. 

3/28/14 - If a receipt is processed with a ZERO quantity, the P_Manual Supplier Team is added to the approval flow.  They will cancel the PO in SAP, if the close order is YES and put a note on the receipt.  Make sure if you are processing a receipt and want to receive the items, that the accepted field is completed with the appropriate quantity to be received. 

3/26/14 - Open PO report in SAP - If a PO number is on the report, but not found in Ariba; contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk by email pshelpdesk@purdue.edu or by phone 765-49-47279. 

3/25/14 -  Do not REFER Invoice Reconciliation Exceptions to anyone. It just increases the number of approvals needed and no value.  b@p news article coming out Thursday 3/27/14.  It's best not to add anyone in the approval flow of the exception.  The refer box usually appears when not all exceptions are cleared or accepted and the Level 1 Fiscal Approver is trying to submit the IR document.  All exceptions must be cleared or accepted before the IR document may be submitted. 

3/25/14 Several questions about Invoices being blocked in SAP, even after exception approved in Ariba.  SAP still has the same blocking rules as with SRM PO's.  We have not turned that feature off.  Accounts Payable is manually clearing these invoices on a weekly basis.  Contact Karen Morehouse for more information.

3/25/14 Several questions about Ariba PO's being on the GR/IR report even if the exception was approved in Ariba.  The same rules apply to the GR/IR report as with SRM PO's.  Accounts Payable is manually clearing these on a weekly basis.  Contact Karen Morehouse for more information. 

3/24/14 ERP PUSH FAILED emails on receipts are worked on by Procurement Services staff.  No action is needed by receivers.  Receivers may stop Ariba from sending emails by changing their email notification preferences.  A QRC to be posted soon on the business@purdue website under Procurement->Ariba.   

3/18/14 - RESOLVED: Removed accounting information from the network PO forms.   

2/20/14 RESOLVED: Restricted split accounting to a single decimal place to avoid failures to SAP.   If you try and use more than one decimal place the requester will receive an ERP PUSH FAILED email and will need to make the change and resubmit the requisition. 

2/20/14 RESOLVED: Work Order and Assets file transferring newly created accounts hourly to Ariba.  Any account closures are still happening overnight.   

2/4/14 UPDATE: The requisition line limit was increased to 100 lines per requisition per vendor.  11/13/13 UPDATE: The 20 line limit went in place to help reduce the stress on SAP.  The number of these "Stuck PR's" has decrease and the P2P Helpdesk is contacting the requester if this happens now.    10/31/13 If there is a PR in ordering status and no PO# is listed on the orders tab, a new requisition will need to be created.  Larger line PR's are one type of PR where this issue is occurring .  If possible limit the number of lines to less than 20 to reduce the possibility of not getting a PO# in Ariba.  10/29/13 The supplier search screen currently only lists the supplier name.  Testing is taking place to add additional fields to help identify locations easier.

12/6/14 UPDATE: Account assignment is back on the requisition form.  11/21/13 UPDATE: Ariba is working on getting the account assignment back on the requisition form.  Once the solution is in our TEST system, it will need to be tested prior to moving to production.  Hoping by next week we will have the solution in TEST.

11/11/13 WORKAROUND The P_Manual Supplier Team is added to the approval flow of receipts to manually process a cancel in SAP.   Ariba has opened a enhancement request to investigate. 10/25/13 When closing a PO with a zero quantity, the transaction is not currently going to SAP to relieve the commitment. 

10/28/13 University Stores reservations in ordering status will still go to Stores to be filled.  Not being marked ordered does not  delay the receipt of the reservation.  Procurement Services is working to mark the reservations ordered. 

10/21/13 Firefox version 24 is currently not compatible with Ariba.  When users have changed to version 17, they are able to use Firefox. 

10/18/13 RESOLVED in February, however if the invoice was submitted earlier than the issue will still appear.  Level 1 Fiscal Approvers may need to select a remit to address when approving an invoice reconciliation exception.  Please send an email to pshelpdesk@purdue.edu with the vendor name and an explanation that you needed to manually select the remit to.   Procurement Services will work with the vendor to correct for future invoices.   

10/17/13 Requisitions cannot have any $0 line items.  PO's can't be created in SAP with $0 line items.  This is part the Ariba Deferred Project beginning soon.

10/16/13 For help to reduce the number of emails coming from Ariba, please view the Edit Email Notifications in Ariba QRC