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What's Happening with Ariba?

2/3/15 Resolved: All invoice reconciliation documents have been approved or re-assigned to the correct invoice reconcilers from the customer administrator.  Over the weekend of December 4th, 5th and 6th the invoice posting process was interrupted in Ariba because of the service pack upgrade with SAP.  Due to this interruption the invoice reconcilitation documents were assigned to the customer adminstrator instead of the invoice reconcilers.  There were approximately 450.  If the document is still in reconciling status when reviewed by the system adminstrator the IR document will be re-assigned to the appropriate user(s).  If the document is in approving status and a receiving exception it will be approved.  They will be reviewed in the order they were received.  It will take time to review all of the exceptions.   

9/3/15 UPDATE: Ariba has confirmed this change was a fix for a defect we had been working with.  The current way we are working is the way Ariba designed the system to run.  A specific QRC to archive the "Receive" items will be published shortly.   8/26/15 Receivers have reported a significant number of receipts appearing in their To Do lists this morning.  Ariba’s monthly update occurred last night and may have caused some changes.  IT is working with Ariba to determine the issue. As a workaround, receivers may archive the receipts to remove them from the To Do list.  The Remove Watch Items from To Do in Ariba QRC has the basic steps.  Replace the word “Watch” with “Receive” then follow the steps. 

9/3/15 RESOLVED: OfficeMax made a change last Friday 8/31/15 to resolve the issues with their catalog.  Please contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk if you continue to have any issues.  8/27/15 Users have reported issues with the OfficeMax catalog, such as receiving a log-in page or receiving a cannot change/delete order error after adding items and  trying to return the cart to Ariba.   To correct, use Internet Explorer if not already, and clearing cookies and cache.  Not all users are experiencing issues.  OfficeMax is receiving
purchase orders from Purdue on a daily basis.  
Our catalog administrator is working with OfficeMax to investigate the issues.  A Business Update will be sent when more information is available or a resolution is found.  Contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk for additional assistance.

8/27/15 Remittance Location error happens when an Invoice Reconciler or Fiscal Approver is trying to approve an Invoice Reconciliation (IR) document and the supplier has submitted remit to information that does not match our records.  We are aware of the following suppliers with this error: Fisher, Graybar, MSC Ind Supply, Cole Parmer, Grainger, Sigma and VWR.   Please contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk with the vendor name and the IR document #.   DO NOT SELECT A REMITTANCE LOCATION YOU MAY SELECT THE WRONG LOCATION AND SEND THE PAYMENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. 

9/3/15 OfficeMax, HP Products and Newark invoices have been resolved.   

8/21/15 For help to reduce the number of emails coming from Ariba, please view the Edit Email Notifications in Ariba QRC.

4/17/15 RESOLVED: Receipt failures - Procurement Services is working to post all failed receipts since 10/6/14.  We have posted all back receipts.  We are keeping up and posting any failed receipt the next day.  There are a few in there with issues.  Check the failure notification on the receipt, we are replying with a message when the receipt is posted in SAP.   

4/17/15 RESOLVED: A user notified the helpdesk of an issue with receiving less than a whole number, such as 4.75.  The ability to receipt less than a whole number is by unit of measure.  Hours is now in the list as acceptable.  Contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk if this errors happens. 

2/3/15 FAQ: QI need to get the reconciler role added for Rhonda Reconciler for org unit 00438.  She has the role already but not for our org unit, how do I do that?  
The instructions are in the Attribute Request – Manager Self Services – Invoice Reconciler – Ariba QRC on business@purdue website under Procurement->Ariba.

2/3/15 REMINDER:  Do NOT refer Invoice Reconciliation Exceptions to anyone. It just increases the number of approvals needed and no value.     The refer box appears when all exceptions are not cleared or accepted and the Invoice Reconciler or Level 1 Fiscal Approver is trying to submit the IR document.  All exceptions must be cleared or accepted before the IR document may be submitted.  Check the status on each line item with an exception.  If the status field is blank, the exception has not been cleared or accepted. 

11/19/14 REMINDER: ERP PUSH FAILED emails on receipts are worked on by Procurement Services staff.  No action is needed by receivers.  Receivers may stop Ariba from sending emails by changing their email notification preferences.  A QRC is posted on the business@purdue website under Procurement->Ariba.  Edit Receipt Email Notification Preferences for Receivers in Ariba QRC.