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Requests totaling $10K or more when there is a request for a specific vendor

For order requests equal to or greater than $10K and that must be ordered from a specific vendor, a Request for Waiver of Competitive Bidding form should be completed . This form must fully address all questions . Incomplete forms will delay your order. Note: Procurement Services will obtain final pricing from vendor.

This form should be an attachment to the order request (shopping cart) and routed to Procurement Services. This is the preferred method of forwarding documents. If you cannot attach these documents to the shopping cart please forward to Procurement Services via fax (46609) or hard copy via campus mail. Once received in Procurement Services, a Purchasing Agent will review the Waiver of Competitive Bid request. If approved, the order request will continue through the purchasing process. If this request is not approved the requester will be notified that the order will go through the bidding process see Requests that require Bidding.