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Requests that require Bidding

Order requests equal to or greater than $10K "must" be competitively bid unless a valid Waiver of Competitive Bid is provided. Procurement Services is the only authorized entity on campus that can perform these services . Note: Order requests of any size can be bid by Procurement Services and would be done at the Buyer's discretion.

To process a bid, Procurement Services must have the following:

  1. Description of product(s), services(s)
  2. Part #'s (if applicable)
  3. Other requirements (specifications, drawings, etc)
  4. Valid need-by date

The bid process requires the participation of a minimum of three vendors. If you have vendors you would like included in the bid, please provide their contact information to Procurement Services. The information needed is:

  1. Vendor name
  2. Vendor address
  3. Vendor contact name
  4. Phone #
  5. Fax #
  6. Email address

The requesters contact name and contact information (phone # and email address) should also be provided to Procurement Services in case of questions.

Timing for turnaround on a bid can vary depending on the scope of the bid request. Once the bid request is issued by Procurement Services there should be no communication between anyone other than Procurement Services and the bidding vendors during this process unless approved by Procurement Services.

Note: Purdue University is open to Public Record requests on all information pertaining to an award including bid responses.

Verification of Equipment Non Availability: This form is needed if purchasing equipment costing more than $25,000 on federal funds.