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Policy on Gifts

TO: D. W. Sabel, L. M. Anderson, S. C. Eberly, D. L. Feldman, G. F. Tompkins, and Regional Campus Vice Chancellors G. W. Back, W. J. Branson and E. G. Hong

DATE: December 13, 2006

SUBJECT: Purchasing Code of Ethics and Holiday Season Gifts from Suppliers


With more University staff empowered to make procurements, it is essential that we recognize the importance of maintaining appropriate relationships with suppliers that provide or may provide goods and services to the University. Purchasing Services subscribes to the National Association of Educational Procurement Code of Ethics. A copy of the Code of Ethics is attached. All Purdue University staff involved in the acquisition of goods and services should be guided by this Code of Ethics in maintaining an appropriate relationship with suppliers.

As the holiday season approaches, some of the University’s suppliers may offer business gifts to those who are involved in the acquisition of goods and services. Purchasing Services has established the following guidelines regarding the acceptance of business gifts from suppliers:

  • Staff will refrain from accepting gifts from suppliers unless the gift is of nominal value.
  • Examples of gifts that are of nominal value are promotional/logo items such as note pads, calendars and pens.
  • It is suggested that any foodstuffs received from suppliers be forwarded to the Married Student Housing Food Pantry for those in need over the holiday.
  • These guidelines are not intended to be all-inclusive, but to provide a foundation for sound business judgment and the maintenance of appropriate supplier relationships.

I ask that each of you share this memo with your staff that is involved in acquiring goods and services.


L. E. Pherson