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Glossary of Procurement Terms

Ad-hoc Approver - An approver added to the workflow. This person is not one of the Financial Approvers (e.g. Director or Dean, PI). This person must have an inbox to be able to be added as an approver.

BOILERMART shopping cart - Also referred to as a catalog shopping cart. Items have been added to this cart through BOILERMART, our catalog system. Up to $10,000 these shopping carts will be sent to the vendor once the proper fiscal, commodity and asset approvals have taken place.

Business Partner Number - the vendor number in SRM same as the vendor number in ECC/R3.

Central Receiver - A receiver role in SRM. This role allows the user to receive any purchase order (PO) in SRM.

Commodity Approval - Restricted Commodities noted on the Procurement Services website require additional approval by specific groups.

Confirmation - The result of receiving in SRM, the user needs one of the two receiver roles assigned to them, central or desktop.

Cost Center – is a cost object, the number is made of up business area (WL is 40), College/Area, dept. The number is 10 digits long.

Describe requirement shopping cart – also referred to as a non-catalog shopping cart. It is a type of shopping cart that the requisitioner must enter all the information about the item(s) being ordered.

Desktop Receiver – A receiver role in SRM. This role allows the user to receive a PO that they have created the shopping cart for only.

Error in Process – One of many statuses for po’s and confirmations in SRM. This status indicates an issue with the document. Contact the Procure-to-Pay helpdesk for further assistance.

Financial Approver Levels – There are 5 levels of fiscal approval $2,500, $50,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. Also includes Commodity Approvals, Asset Approvals and SPS approvals.

Good Receipt (GR) – The same as a confirmation in SRM, named Goods Receipt in ECC/R3.

Goods Recipient – The person to whom the item(s) should be sent.

Hosted Catalog – A catalog with the items visible within BOILERMART.

Invoice Receipt (IR) – an Invoice that has been posted in ECC/R3.

Last Delivery check box – Checking this box will not allow any additional confirmations. This box means all items that will be received have been received and confirmed.

Order (related to account assignment) - Drop down box order is for Internal Orders (SPS) and they begin with an “8” or a Real Internal Order and those begin with a “5”.

Preferred Vendor – SRM named field, the vendor is not “preferred by the university or Procurement Services”. A shopping cart with a preferred vendor will always come to Procurement Services for processing.

Punch-out Catalog – A catalog that resides on the vendor’s website and the items are not visible within BOILERMART.

Purchaser’s Worklist – Also referred to as Sourcing, Sourcing cockpit or Purchasing. Shopping carts sent here are reviewed by Purchasing Agents or Assistants for correct pricing, if the bidding process needs to be utilized, and Strategic Sourcing initiative.

Receive – The physical act of goods being delivered to the receiver.

Requester – person needing the item(s) ordered. This may not be the requisitioner.

Requisitioner – The person responsible for creating shopping carts in SRM; needs the requisitioner role assigned to them. This may not be the requester.

Return – the act of sending an item back to a vendor.

Return Delivery – the act in SRM of processing items that were returned to a vendor.

Reviewer – a person added to the workflow.

SIO (Statistical Internal Order) – a cost object used in conjunction with a cost center. The number begins with a “7”.

SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) – the eProcurement system currently being used.

SRM Receiver – the person responsible for processing confirmations in SRM.

Subsequent Credit – a credit entered by Accounts Payable that affects only the dollar amount and no change to the quantity.

Subsequent Debit – an invoice entered by Accounts Payable, may be a third party freight charge, additional invoices when the purchase order quantity is only 1 or for additional charges without increasing the quantity of the IR.

WBS Element – a cost object used in the construction area of the university. The format is c.40.xxxxxx for WL. Substitute the campus number for the 40 for the regional campuses.

Workflow – the steps needed for fiscal, commodity, SPS, and Asset approval for a shopping cart. SRM builds the workflow based on the product category, dollar amount and cost assignment assigned to the shopping cart. The workflow is completed prior to the shopping cart either going to Procurement Services for processing or creating a PO and going to the vendor.