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Buying Green Success Stories

HP Bulk Packaging:

In March of '08 a bid was issued for 800 desktops for the TLT Labs. The bid included an option for "environmentally friendly packing" to include; recyclable materials and NO foam packing.

The option offered by the winning vendor included: (4)computers per box, (4)boxes per skid.

Cardboard filler strips were used to keep the computers apart. All four keyboards, mice, and cables were in a cardboard tray in the top of the big box. In separate boxes they would normally each be in their own box.

Comparing four machines in one box to four machines in four boxes there was less packing and boxes. All materials were recyclable and there was no foam waste in the dumpsters.

This environmentally friendly "bulk" packaging saved time in unpacking and saved space in the dumpsters on campus. In previous buys of this size multiple dumpsters were used to hold the waste. This eliminated a lot of waste going to landfill.

-Julie Smith, Purchasing Agent