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Address: Contact: Steve Hanson/Sales Representative
3050 Spruce Street Phone: (317) 441-6418 (cell)
St. Louis, MO 63103 steve.hanson@sial.com
Scientific lab supplies and equipment
Payment Methods:

Purchasing Contact:

Sheryl Schaible

For Sigma Aldrich issues with returns, credits and other order follow-up please use the following contact information:

Customer Service
Phone: (800) 325-3010
Email: custserv@sial.com
A supplier agreement has been established with Sigma-Aldrich. The Purdue contract pricing is available through the SRM online catalog. Special orders outside of the catalog, a Describe Requirement cart, must reference a special quote at the beginning of each line item. Those quotes are obtained from Steve Hanson, Sales Representative. Quote must be attached to the shopping cart.

Questions pertaining to the Sigma-Aldrich electronic catalog or product should be directed to the sales representative listed above. Procurement business process questions should be directed to the Purchasing contact listed above.

Freight agreed to as follows:
Order Value Freight Charge
Greater than $300


Less than $300


Additional Overnight


Additional for Truck


50% discount on handling fees
Non-Freight Charges: Purdue Contract Charge
Small Can Charge


Large Can Charge


Dry & Wet Ice Charge


Small Barrier Pack Charge


Poison Pack Charge


DEA Charge

$30 and $45

Cyclinder Deposit (Fee varies based on the size of the cylinder)
Note: Non-freight fees will be added to your invoice along with the Freight charges above.