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PCM Sales, Inc. (formerly Sarcom)


PCM Sales, Inc.
8337-A Green Meadows Dr N
Lewis Center, OH 43035-9451

Phone: (317) 284-5225
Fax: (317) 841-4099


Purdue Pricing - Pricing can be obtained by contacting Carissa for a quote.

Cisco Products Contracted Pricing – Purdue is taking advantage of the State QPA for Cisco products. Pricing for Cisco networking (data) products is 45.1% off of Cisco list pricing. Cisco unified communications products (telephony) is a 49% discount. Deeper discounts will be offered for larger projects. All pricing includes standard shipping. Pricing is in effect through August 2015 with the option to renew for an additional (3) one year terms. Contract reference # 14045 (Exhibit A).

Cisco SmartNet Pricing - Purdue has special pricing for Cisco SmartNet (maintenance) at 36.72% of Cisco list pricing. This pricing is in effect through June 2014. Contract reference # 14045 (Exhibit B).

Company Contact:

Carissa Romine


Cisco Networking products, computer peripherals, networking supplies, etc.

Purchasing Agent:

Julie Smith