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Publications for Nonresident Employees

Notice to Nonresident Employees pdf icon

Information on what to do once you are hired as an employee of Purdue University.
Substantial Presence Test Excel document Are you a 'nonresident' or 'resident' for tax purposes? This test can help you make this determination.


Grad Payroll Orientation Glacier FAQ
International Nonimmigrant Classifications and Employment Parameters Classifications, by visa type, and documentation required when paid as an employee or independent contractor.
Foreign Nationals Who Can Work in U.S. Without Restriction List of foreign nationals who are authorized to work in the United States with no restrictions as to the location or type of employment.

The following publications can be found at http://www.irs.gov under Forms and Publications

Publication 513 - Tax Information for Visitors to the United States This publication outlines the filing requirements for a U.S. income tax return.
Publication 515 - Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Corporations This publication primarily discusses what income is subject to tax and provides the withholding rates.

Publication 519 - U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens

This publication summarizes the U.S. taxation of nonresidents.
Publication 520 - Scholarships and Fellowships This publication covers the tax rules for scholarships, fellowships, and tuition reductions.
Publication 901 - U. S. Tax Treaties

This publication will tell you whether a tax tax treaty exists between the U.S. and a particular country.