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Tax Forms for Non-Resident Employees



NOTE: Please follow the Special Form W-4 Instructions for Nonresident Employees above.

Do not complete the top half of the form.


Use the Tab Key to navigate from field to field. After printing the form, forward the first page to your Business Office or to the Tax Office in Freehafer Hall (FREH).




Notice to Nonresident Employees Word document
2010 (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2010)

Indiana Form WH-4

 This form must be completed when a nonresident alien individual is paid a fellowship or scholarship through Payroll or Accounts Payable and is a resident of a treaty country.


Publication 520 - Scholarships and Fellowships can be located at http://www.irs.gov under Forms and Publications. This publication covers the tax rules for scholarships, fellowships, and tuition reductions.

Substantial Presence Test Excel document


This test is used to determine 'tax residency' for nonresident employees.

F-1/J-1 Student Social Security Number Request PDF document