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About the Employee Information Forms

All faculty and staff, including students and temporary employees, must complete an Employee Information form when beginning employment at Purdue University. This form gathers basic information in order to set up a career account. The form should be submitted by the Business Office with a New Hire personnel action form so computer system access is available on the first day of work.


The Employee Information Form (HRS-13) requests Social Security Number, date of birth, gender, and other critical information so that a Purdue University Identification (PUID) number can be established. Then employees will be able to access their records on the first day of work to update other personal information through Employee Self Service (ESS), including education, ethnicity, race, military status, veteran status, and disability status.

Self Identification Compliance Form - HR/OIE - SICF

The Self Identification Compliance Form can be used for two purposes:

  • New employees who are not able to access ESS may submit all necessary information to establish a career account.
  • Existing employees without access to ESS may update or change information previously reported.

To use the forms:

  • Open the form.
  • If you are filling out the form online, click the cursor in a blank field, then type in your answer. On the form, indicate whether this is for a new employee or an update.
  • Use the Tab key to move to the next blank field.
  • To select a checkbox, click on the box in front of the selection.
  • Some questions allow you to enter only a single response. The race section allows you to "Select All That Apply."
  • After entering all required information, review your answers for correctness and make changes as needed. Print the form when you have provided all the required information.
  • Sign all pages of your printed form and turn it in to your department business office.