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Property Accounting Form POC – Property Off Campus on the Web

The Form POC is now available at the following location: Form POC Property Off Campus (formerly Form 12)

Effective July 1, 2011 to be in compliance with University and Office of Naval Research requirements, filing a Form POC with Property Accounting is required for all capital assets taken off campus.

Capital assets are University equipment with an inventory tag or acquisitions that cost more than $5,000.  Form POC’s are no longer required for non-capital equipment. 

Laptops may be registered online with the Purdue Police Department via the Laptop Computer Registration Form. Registrations will assist Purdue police in the event a laptop is stolen.  It also allows the PUPD to enter laptops into a stolen property database that connects with other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States in reporting stolen and the recovery of laptops.

The form opens up as a pdf file and needs to be filled out entirely.  For more details on how to fill out the form see our Use of Equipment Off-Campus Process at Business @ Purdue.

The completed form signed by staff having signature approval for POC Forms can be printed out and sent to Property Accounting/FREH through regular campus mail or it can be emailed to propacct@purdue.edu.

Business Offices will receive an approved and processed form mailed to them through regular campus mail unless a pdf form sent as an attachment through email is requested.