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Form ECS – Equipment Change Status Instructions

This form has multiple functions such as sending equipment to Purdue Surplus for sale or disposal, cannibalize by department, change in location, transfer to another department, report item stolen, donating to non-profit organization, etc.

Form ECS Equipment Change in Status (formerly Form 9)

The form opens up in Excel format; make sure to enable the macros. There are comment boxes, indicated by a red tab, for most of the information that needs to be entered on the form. The printed form signed by staff member having signature approval for ECS forms can be sent to Property Accounting/FREH through regular campus mail or it can be emailed as a PDF file to propacct@purdue.edu.

Property Accounting will process the form and send departments a copy of the approved form through regular campus mail. Property Accounting will also forward an approved copy to other departments (including Purdue Surplus) as necessary.

Please complete the top of the form with your Department Name & Cost Center.

  1. Send to Warehouse for Sale or Disposal – When a University department identifies equipment they no longer have use for a single or multiple items they need to follow the disposal procedure.
    • All items in fair to good condition are to be advertised on the Billboard for 14 calendar days before the form will be approved for pickup or delivery to Purdue Surplus. The advertisement ID # listed on your approved email must be referenced on the Form ECS for processing.  Please find the complete detailed instructions on advertising here. More information on the Billboard Website is available at https://www.purdue.edu/salvage/billboard/dispose.aspx. All items in junk - poor condition need not be advertised. Please list these items or attach a spreadsheet to a Form ECS.
    • In completing a Form ECS please fill all information in the grey bar action line 1 which includes contact name, phone, location bldg & room where items are located, be sure to include the fund and cost center for any profit from the sale.  List details of the items with serial numbers & inventory numbers to be sent to Purdue Surplus and use a spreadsheet if needed. 
    • For more details on how to fill out the form see our Disposing of Equipment via University Surplus and Salvage at Business @ Purdue.

The following actions on the Form ECS are for Capital Assets only.  Capital assets are indentified with inventory tags or have an original acquisition over $5000. 

  1. Cannibalize – A department may cannibalize by department (take apart and reuse parts) following the guidelines for proper disposal of equipment media Refer to IT Policy v.1.8
    • All junk to poor refrigerators, freezers, or equipment with Freon must be sent to Physical Facilities Refrigeration Shop for disposal. This includes all lab refrigerators that have stored chemicals, hazardous waste or animals. A Work Order must be completed for the pickup and disposal of the item by the Refrigeration Shop. The Form ECS will trigger dispose of the asset in SAP. 
    • For more details on how to fill out the form see our Disposing of Equipment via Cannibalization at Business @ Purdue.
  2. Change in Equipment Location – This section should be completed when capital assets within your department’s responsibility are moving to a different location.  You can use a spreadsheet if more space is needed.   
  3. Transfer Ownership to Another Department – This section should be completed for all capital assets that need the ownership transferred from one department to another.  The current department owning the equipment should be the preparer and approver of the form.  Is there any money exchanged?  If yes, then a Form CAF – Change in Asset Funding Source needs to be completed.  This form takes place of a Journal Voucher/Parked document.  You will find complete instructions at Form CAF- Change in Asset Funding Source Instructions
  4. Stolen – Report all thefts to the Purdue Police immediately. Complete this section for any capital asset that was stolen. 
  5. Condition Code – During physical inventory when Property Accounting staff identify assets being unusable (non-working condition) a letter will be sent to the Business Manager for confirmation with guidelines for unusable equipment.  This section of the form will be used when the condition code needs to be changed.
  6. Other – This area is available for any other action that needs to be completed with capital assets.  Example – Transfer to another University, Donation, etc…  Please list details and attach any documentation supporting your action.
    • Transfer to another University – For more information regarding when a PI leaves Purdue University and the transfer agreement please see Purdue SPS Handbook
    • Donations to Nonprofit Organization – For more information regarding donations please refer to our Donation procedure. Please attach your proof of advertising, email from Purdue Surplus, and a letter addressed to the Comptroller to the Form ECS and sent to Property Accounting Manager for processing.