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Form CAF – Change Asset Funding Source Instructions

This form has a couple different functions. One function is changing the funding source for a capital asset as this form would be used instead of a FV50 Parked Document/Journal Voucher. This form also will transfer money from a capital asset being sold from one department to another. 

Form CAF Change Asset Funding Source Form

The form opens up in Excel format and is similar to a parked document as the requirements and approvals for this form are the same as a FV50 Parked Document/Journal Voucher. You can send the completed approved form to Property Accounting/FREH through regular campus mail or it can be emailed as a PDF file to propacct@purdue.edu.

Property Accounting will review the form, and if SPS approval is needed they will obtain it. Once approved and, if necessary, the GR/IR cleared, Blocked Invoice Cleared, and SRM Open PO Summary Cleared, the form will be processed. Property Accounting will add the document number to the form, complete the necessary actions desired and send the form with all back up to Central Files for uploading to Webview. You will be able to view the document as a SA document Type which is the same as FV50 Parked Document/Journal Vouchers.  

Change the Funding Source of an Asset

The CAF Form replaces the FV50 Parked Document/Journal Voucher when a capital funding source needs to be changed.

For complete details on how to fill out the form see our Change Funding Source of a Capital Asset at Business @ Purdue.

Transfer Funds from a Sale of an Asset from one Department to Another

When one department sells a capital asset to another department, a CAF form should be completed to transfer the money from the buyer to the seller. A form ECS – Equipment Change in Status will also need to be completed to update the asset’s responsible cost center, location, and contact person if applicable. 

For more details on how to fill out the form see our Transfer of Equipment within the University at Business at Purdue.