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Advertising Website Instructions

Updated 12/08/2011

Any fair to good condition of equipment must be advertised on the Billboard advertising website before a Form ECS - Equipment Change in Status can be completed. After a staff member submits an ad, they will receive an email back saying it was submitted. We, Property Accounting, will also receive an email. If there is any capital depreciating asset(s) we will forward the request along with a list showing the asset and funding source(s) to the Business Manager requesting approval to post the advertisement. Once we have approval then the ad will be posted to the website for 14 days. All non-asset and non-depreciating asset submitted advertisements will be approved without approval from the Business Manager. Another email will be sent to the requester saying it was posted; this is their proof of the advertisement for the Form ECS to go to Purdue Salvage for disposal if it doesn’t transfer on campus.  After 14 days the advertisement will automatically disappear from the website. If you sell/transfer the item to another department you can send a change request to delete the ad sooner than the 14 days. 

If a department sells/transfer a capital asset to another department please prepare a Form ECS filling out line 4 – Transfer. Any money exchanged will be done with a Form CAF - Change of Asset Funding Source using g/l 539850 for both the debit and credit entries. Please route both documents to Property Accounting for processing.

After the 14 days any item(s) that haven’t been transferred/sold to another department on campus, will need a Form ECS submitted with line 1 – Send to Warehouse for Sale or Disposal completed. The advertisement ID # listed on your approved email must be referenced on the Form ECS for processing.


  • Click on “The Billboard” – items for Purdue University Departments
  • You will see instructions on how to advertise and Purdue procedures.
  • Click on “Advertising Request Forms”
  • Click “The Billboard- Items for Sale”
  • Sign in with your Career Account.

It should be user friendly and you should be able to proceed from here. If you have any problems or questions please contact Property Accounting at propacct@purdue.edu.