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WebNow (Document Imaging)

The conversion of all documents from the Stellent/WebView has been moved to WebNow.   

The electronic approval process is through an online Role Request Application (Internet Explorer is required to log in to the system properly, as it currently supports IE8 and utilizes previous versions of JAVA).

You will only need to request access if:

  • this is a new position
  • the current position never utilized imaging sytem access before

Otherwise, access is based on position ID and will be granted automatically as people transfer in and out of the position. Your supervisor must request access on your behalf via the online application.

Reference the WebNow Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for assistance on navigation through the site.

To request a new imaging project or to enhance a current one:

Submit an IT Request Form and an Implementation Specialist will meet with you to establish the project scope. Securities needed around the documents, questions and concerns will also be discussed at that time.