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WebView - (Viewing scanned documents via the web)

WebView wasretired by Business Services on Thursday May 23, 2013.  Please see below on how to view documents scanned by Central Files.

New Imaging System here!

The new ImageNow system is in place and the web application, WebNow is available to all staff that had access to WebView.  The conversion of documents is complete and access to WebNow is now available.   The Central Files staff is working to fix a few errors with a very,very small number of documents and appreciate your patience. Please watch business@Purdue news for updates on access.   

Users of the new system may want to note that the best results are returned when you search by document number or other specific keys values.   

Please click here to access the new system:  https://cm.itap.Purdue.edu

Looking for old documents?   They are all in WebNow--please use the link above.