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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to request access to WebView for new applicants?

  • Please see the List of Approved Requestors for Webview Access only persons listed here can request access for you.  This person should fill out the "requestor" portion of the Webview Access Request Form and send it to FREH, where it will be routed to the Director of Business Managers for approval.  

What documents are currently available to be retrieved via WebView?

What should I do if I can't find the document I am looking for or WebView is unavailable?

  • Make sure the document type and fiscal year are indeed available via WebView.
  • If the document should be available, attempt the retrieval again. Be sure to allow adequate time for results to be brought back. The word "Done" will appear in the lower left-hand corner even prior to the results being shown. Images can take up to three minutes to be brought back, depending upon the number of requests the system is experiencing.
  • If the document is not available via WebView, request the document via the following website: https://www.purdue.edu/frehoper/Forms/cfreq.html

What should I do if no results are brought back from my query?

  • If the document number you wish to view begins with a zero, enter the document number beginning with the first non-zero number. For example: use 2570 rather than 002570.
  • Check to be sure the Num Lock key is engaged when using the numbers pad.
  • Try running the query without the Entry Code Name field completed; not all fields are required to run queries.

I have too many documents being retrieved to fit on one page, what should I do?

  • Default number of rows brought back by any query is 10. If a large number of results from your query are anticipated, you can change the number of rows viewed per page by using the Customized Your Workspace (Maximum Number of Rows Displayed in Search Results) page. This link is found at the "Welcome to Acorde" page, immediately after logging on. Set the desired number of rows viewed to an amount greater than 10, but less than 100.

The document image brought back by my query is not clear- what can I do?

  • Establishing use of the IBPM plug-in is required for best use of WebView. Please contact your technical support staff before loading any plug-in packages! They will need to download the plug-in from the User Preferences page, brought back when connecting to "Customize Your Work Space" after logging in to WebView. "Get IBPM Plug-in" is an option located at the bottom of the screen. This information, including screen shots, is reviewed in the "Getting Started With WebView" manual, available on-line from the WebView homepage, http://www.purdue.edu/frehoper/WebView/Welcome.html

I don't receive a document image back from my query; just a blank screen or red "X" in the viewing window. What can I do?

  • Ask your computing support staff about downloading the IBPM plug-in. Some areas push this plug-in to their supported workstations; others ask staff to do the download themselves. Please do not download the file before talking with your computing support staff!

I would like to view two or more documents of the same type and fiscal year; how can I query to bring back more than one image at a time?

  • Set the query for a range of documents rather than individual images by using the "contains" function. If the documents are brought back from your query on one page of results, you can select multiple images, then press the "view" button. Bringing back multiple documents will increase WebView's response time; please be prepared to wait. Page forward through the results by using the "next document" button; page backward through the results by using the "previous document" button.

I have asked for one document, and more than one image was brought back- are they the same? If not, which should I choose?

  • Always choose the most-recently scanned image of a document. Occasionally, supporting documentation will be added later or image quality may have required scanning the document a second time. Select the image that has the most recent ScanDate (5th header in the results page).

The document I requested has an image that is sideways on my screen. What can I do?

  • Prior to January 4, 2004, landscape-oriented document images were not turned so as to be viewed in a portrait-oriented mode. This primarily affected travel invoice vouchers (entry codes 50 and 57) and some forms of supporting documentation. The alternatives available for those images are to view them as they appear on your monitor, or print the image and turn it manually. Landscape-oriented document images scanned after January 5, 2004, have all been turned so they have a portrait orientation.

I would like to share the document image I have retrieved with someone who does not have WebView access. How can I do that without printing the image?

  • Remember that email information is not encrypted. Do not send any type of confidential information via email; for example: social security numbers, sensitive, or HIPAA-protected PHI information, etc.
  • If the document does not contain restricted information, you can send the image imbedded in an email message. To send an image, query WebView and bring the image back to your monitor. Put your mouse pointer on the top left portion of the document you wish to share, click and hold the left button, and move to the bottom right. A dotted/dashed outline will appear around the area you have defined. Release the left mouse button when you have outlined the portion you wish to share- the entire document or a smaller area of the document. A drop down list appears; select "Copy bitmap to Clipboard". Have your email application open; change the format to either HTML or Rich Text (in Outlook, go to the Format button, and choose Rich Text). Then prepare the body of your email message, drop down a line, right click, and select Paste. The portion of the document you have selected will be imbedded in the email message.
  • Engineering Computer Network-supported staff should transfer the bitmap image into a jpeg image. They should contact ECN staff if they have any questions

The document I retrieved has 26 pages, but I can only view 20 pages. How can I see the last pages of my document?

  • Go to the gray toolbar directly above (not beside) the image. The default selection for viewing images is the second icon from the left; it looks like a sheet of paper with tabs in the upper-right-hand corner. By selecting the first icon from the left, which looks like a sheet of paper with a blue band across the top, you will be able to page to the end of your large document.

How do I change my WebView password?

  • WebView security is tied to your career account. West Lafayette campus staff that do not recall what their career account password is should take their staff ID card to any campus computer lab and use the swipe machine to generate a self-selected password. Regional Campus staff should contact their proxy for assistance with changing passwords.

I have entered my career account password into WebView, but the system does not accept it. I can use this password for other applications, like Employee Self Service, however - what can I do?

  • The Acorde software will only allow passwords of eight characters, while other applications utilizing career account passwords for authentication will allow nine (or more) characters. When logging into WebView, please enter only the first eight characters of your career account password.

No matter how many times I use the "page forward" button, I can only view the first page of my document image. What can I do?

  • Contact your computing staff to re-install the IBPM plug-in (see questions five and six listed above). If you still have trouble after the plug-in has been
    re-installed and your workstation re-booted, make sure your preferences have been set for IBPM plug-in as the viewer. For step-by-step instructions in
    setting preferences, go to the Getting Started WebView tutorial.
If you have any questions, please contact Gene Ann Fausett at gfausett@purdue.edu or at (765) 494-9218 or a member of the Central Files staff at 
(765) 494-7148.