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Administrative Services Annex (ASA) Building/Hooks

This off-site facility's purpose is archival storage space for departmental records to alleviate crowded conditions in Central Files and individual work areas. Materials required to be maintained for future reference or audit purposes can be sent to ASA/Hooks.

  1. Materials transferred from Central Files or directly from a department must be documented by box number, department/section, content, year of material, and earliest possible destroy date. Appropriate labels must be acquired from Central Files and accurately completed/affixed to all file boxes prior to shipment.
  2. FREH Operations staff encourages the utilization of bankers boxes for files, as these are easier to store and retrieve from the shelves. If you need boxes, please contact the FREH Building Deputy for additional information.
  3. A copy of the box listings must be maintained by the department and forwarded to Central Files and the FREH Building Deputy.
  4. Files will be retained in the ASA Building until otherwise authorized (reference "Departmental Annual Site Visit" below).

Request for Material: Requests for material to be housed at the facility must be submitted to ASA/Hooks mailbox (located in the mailroom on the first floor). Each request should be clearly be labeled to avoid any confusion and lessen the chance of misfiled items. File requests for the ASA Building must be completed in full and should not be forwarded to Central Files.

Retrieval: The FREH Building Deputy retreives requests on Tuesdays and Thursdays as her/his schedule permits. If there is an immediate need for material and the deputy is unavailable, departmental staff may request facility keys by contacting first floor services staff.  

Returned Material: Material to be returned should be clearly marked and placed in the ASA/Hooks mailbox.

DEPARTMENTAL ANNUAL SITE VISIT: Annual visits to the facility should be planned and are REQUIRED of each department to reassess their stored material retention and to purge (confidentially discard) records no longer needed. If a trip is not possible, departments must communicate box numbers that can be purged to the building deputy (usually done at or shortly after the end of the fiscal year).