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A Coeus proposal record has the functionality to upload various file attachments that are associated with that particular project. The uploaded files are primarily used in S2S submission to Grants.gov, however, the functionality may also be used for internal collaborative work on proposal narratives, electronic file storage, or for routing and approval purposes.

noteNOTE: Attachments may be viewed at any time during the development of the proposal, during the Electronic Routing for Academic Approvals and even after the proposal has been submitted to sponsor.

bullet View an Attachment

1. Proposal record must first be open in Edit

2. Click on the "Upload Attachments" link found in the left navigation pane

3. Click on the appropriate Attachment Category Tab


4. Identify the specific file you wish to view from the attachment list and click the "View" link next to the file name.

5. The attached file will open in new browser window that can either be saved to your computer or printed for hardcopy review.