Every Proposal record carries its own permissions list, so you can specify who has rights to modify or view it. When a record is first created, this permissions list is taken from whatever rights the general community of Coeus users has at that time, but you can then change this list.

Proposal information is restricted at Purdue so initially Investigators will only have the access to view/edit the records that they personally have created. However, it may be necessary at times to grant access to specific records to other Investigators or support staff who will be completing various tasks on that proposal. This allows CoeusLite to act as an internal collaborative tool where all Investigators can work on the same record to edit Narratives or complete their portions of a budget.

noteNOTE: By granting access to an Co-Investigator or support staff (grad assistant, administrative assistant, etc) it will only allow access to that specific record. Those individuals will continue to be restricted from accessing all other proposal records.

bullet Modifying Roles for a Specific Proposal Record

1. The Proposal Roles window must first be open

2. To add a specific access, click the "Add User" link next to an available Role.


3. A standard User search screen will open.

4. Complete the search for the desired individual.


noteNOTE: Be certain to utilize the wild card asterisks key (*) on either side of a known search criteria.

5. Click on the desired person from the resulting list.


6. That person will now be listed under the specific role selected and be able to complete all tasks for this proposal record allowed by that access role.


bullet Assignable Propsoal Roles

  • Aggregator - A proposal owner, with rights to do everything. If someone has the aggregator role, there is no need to add the other roles as well.
  • Approver - DO NOT USE
  • Budget Creator - Allowed to create, modify, and view budgets on the proposal.
  • Narrative Writer - Allowed to create, modify, and view narratives on the proposal.
  • Viewer - Only able to open the proposal and its budget, narrative, etc in display mode.

bullet Administrative Access

At Purdue every administrative User of Coeus gets access to every development proposal within their departmental range automatically, and that access is such that it may not appear as one of these five roles.

Therefore, removing access to a proposal in this way for a Business Services user will have NO EFFECT on that person's ability to modify all details of the proposal (e.g. the Aggregator role). However, to avoid potential complications with the record, NEVER remove an access role that is default assigned to any Administrative User.

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