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Budgeting of non-salary lines is a very simple task to complete. It is important to note that one line must be entered for each item category to make certain that proper inflation and F&A is applied to each line.


bullet Add a Participant/Trainee Line

1. Click "Add Participant/Trainee" to generate a new line (if applicable)

2. Select "Type" from drop down options

3. Enter "Description". Free text field for internal reference only.

4. "Qty" field: DO NOT USE

5. Enter "Funds Requested($)". Amount to be budgeted for this project period.

6. Click "Save"

7. Repeat steps 1-5 for all additional Participant/Trainee costs to be budgeted.

bullet Available Participant/Trainee Line Categories

There are currently five line types available that categorize the different types of Participant/Trainee costs that can be budgeted.

  • Trainee/Participant - Other
  • Trainee/Participant - Stipends
  • Trainee/Participant - Subsistence
  • Trainee/Participant - Travel
  • Trainee/Participant - Tuition & Fees

bullet Remove a Participant/Trainee Line

1. Click the "Remove" link next to the Participant/Trainee line you wish to remove from budget.

2. Window will open asking for confirmation to remove line. Click "OK"

3. Click "Save"