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Once a proposal has been initially created, any User with the appropriate access may edit the record and save their progress.

Editing a proposal is permitted at any point unless:

  • Another User has the record open in Edit. When locked by another User, proposal may be opened in Display only.
  • Proposal Status is Approval in Progress or Submitted

noteNOTE: If a proposal is routing for Academic Approvals and has the status of "Approval in Progress", existing proposal Attachments may still be edited.

bullet Edit Proposal

1. Locate the desired proposal record from the list in "My Proposals" -or- complete a standard Proposal Search.

2. Click on any displayed criteria of the record to open in Edit.


noteNOTE: Clicking the "Budget" link in the proposal results will open the budget alone in Edit to allow another user to edit the details and attachments at the same time.

3. Record will open and allow editing -or- record will open in Display if locked by another User