bullet Salary Calculations Overview

The first step to budget personnel is to make sure that you have all the individuals who will receive salary from the proposal listed on the Budget Set Up - Personnel screen.

Coeus uses the Budget Personnel screen to determine how to calculate a budgeted person's monthly salary rate. Coeus does this by taking their annual salary (Base Salary) and dividing it by the number of months found in the Appointment Type.

noteNOTE: Only individuals who will be paid through the Purdue payroll system should be entered on the Budget Personnel screen. Any consultants, subcontract salary or other non-Purdue employees should be added into the budget on the Other Direct Costs screen.

There are two ways to get individuals into the Budget Persons screen. The first is through the Investigator and Key Persons tabs. The second is to manually enter them into the Budget Persons screen.

noteNOTE: Any individuals who are listed on the Investigator or Key Persons tabs that are not current Purdue employees will automatically come up in the Sync Budget Persons window where you can initially define their Appointment Type and Job Code.

bullet Budget Personnel Screen

All individuals entered in the Investigator and Key Persons tabs will be automatically populated in the Budget Persons screen.


1. The proposal budget must first be open.

2. Click on the Personnel link found in the Budget Set Up section of the left hand navigation pane.

3. The Budget Personnel screen will open, initially displaying all individuals listed on the Investigators/Key Persons screen.

bullet Adding Additional Named Persons

Sometimes you may want to budget salary for individuals that are named but not Investigators or Key persons. To add these personnel:

1. Click "Add Employee"

2. Complete the standard Person search and select the desired person from the results list.

3. The new individual should now be listed in the Budget Personnel screen

bullet Adding TBA's

To accommodate situations where employees will not be named, Coeus has a functionality where you can use a pre-made TBA person record to account for the salary you would like to budget. Each employee type (Admin/Supvr, Clerical, Graduate Staff, Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty, etc.) have been set up with at least 10 TBA's per type so that different salary rates can be established for multiple budgeted people who have the same employee type

Entering TBA's Budget Persons


1. Click the "Add TBA" button.

2. Scroll through the list of available TBA records and select one from the desired employee type.

noteNOTE: Each TBA record has a number listed in the Person name. These numbers are only in place to differentiate between multiple TBA records of the same employee type and it is not necessary to use TBA records in any particular numeric order.

3. The TBA record should now appear in the Budget Persons Screen.

bullet Complete Budget Persons Data Fields

All fields must be either reviewed or completed for each person listed including TBAs.

  • Job Code: Job codes reflect the assigned SAP job code for each named individual. All TBA's will default to "JOBCDE" and do not need to be overwritten.
  • Appointment Type: Appointment Types are a critical component in determining the correct salary calculations for each person. Use 9M DURATION for all AY paid employees and 12M DURATION for all FY employees.
  • Eff Date: The effective date must be updated for ALL persons (including TBAs) to be the date of the last University scheduled pay increase. This will always be just past July 1st for Purdue.
  • Base Salary: Named employees should automatically have their salary populated in this field. Populated salaries pull from the HR module of SAP and should reflect a 1.0 FTE amount. Although salarys should be populated accurately, please double check amounts to be certain.

noteNOTE: For all TBA's, the Base Salary will need to be manually entered.

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