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A CoeusLite Proposal record window is divided into three main sections.


bullet Navigation: Left Column

Navigation of a Proposal record is completed by utilizing the provided links listed in the left hand column of the window. Each section of a proposal has a link and clicking these links will open the specified proposal information in the center body of the window.

bullet Identifying Information: Top Section

The identifying information listed at the top of each Proposal record window provides the following and remains static across record windows.

  • Investigator: Listed Principal Investigator for the project
  • Agency/Sponsor: Sponsor that the proposal is being submitted to
  • Title: Entered title for the project
  • Proposal #: Coeus assigned proposal record number
  • Proposal Period: Total project period

bullet Proposal Information: Center Body

As a link is selected from the left navigation pane, the center body of the window will open the specified informational section of the proposal record.