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Coeus Lite - Proposals


The Abstract window is utilized in the completion of the Proposal Submission Form and has limited use when completing System-to-System packages.


bullet Viewing an Abstract

1. Any listed Abstract category that has text present for review will have a checked box next to the title.

2. Click on each checked Abstract title to view the text associated with it in the main body of the page.

3. The "Last Updated by" field at the bottom of the page will display the last user, time and date that the specified Abstract was updated.

bullet Proposal Submission Form

Additional comments to be listed on a PSF are entered into the "PSF Comments" tab. This field is mapped to the PSF and will display any entered information on that document.

bullet System-to-System

A limited number of System-to-System proposal may utilized these windows for the entry of additional free text Abstracts that the Investigator needs to have displayed in the Grants.gov sponsor forms.