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CoeusLite - IRB Protocols


CoeusLite provides protocol Reviewers a personalized dashboard to use as a hub for all review monitoring and activities.  The “All My Reviews” screen displays two sections that list all of the pending and completed reviews for the user currently logged in.

bulletOpen All My Reviews


1. Log Into CoeusLite using Purdue Career Account

2. Click “My IRB Protocols” in the top navigation bar

3. Click “All My Reviews” in the second tier of the top navigation bar

4. All My Reviews screen will open

bulletPending Protocols – Open for Review


Due Date – The Due Date column will display the date that review of a specific submission must be completed.


Click anywhere on the protocol submission listed in the “Pending/In Progress Reviews” section to open that submission and review.  Reviewers can return to complete a review of an IRB Protocol submission at any time.

bulletCompleted Reviews – Open for Reference


The IRB “All My Reviews” screen will also provide Reviewers a list of all historic protocols the User has completed reviews for.  These may be accessed in display only at any future time for reference by clicking anywhere on the submission listing.