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Coeus Lite - IRB Protocol


!!! IMPORTANT !!!  - Submission of IRB Protocols through CoeusLite is for Extension Educator Exemption Requests ONLY.  All HRPP Protocol submissions and revisions must be completed using hardcopy process.

There are two methods available to Investigators to open an IRB Protocol submission that has either Specific Minor Revisions or Substantive Revisions requested by IRB.

bulletOpen Submission to be Revised from Email

When either SMRs or SRs are requested by the IRB on a specific submission, the named Principal Investigator will receive a standard system email notification.

1. PI will be notified by system generated email when IRB Requested Revisions are required


2. Click the first embedded link found at the bottom of the email notification and login. System will automatically open to the CoeusLite login page

3. Log into CoeusLite

4. System will automatically open the appropriate record to be revised in Edit

bulletOpen Submission to be Revised from My IRB Protocols

The Principal Investigator or their delegate do not have to wait for or use the system email notifications to access and complete IRB Requested Revisions.  Submissions with Revisions Requested may be viewed and completed at any time by going to the CoeusLite My IRB Protocols page and opening the record directly from the system.

noteNOTE: The CoeusLite Launch Page may be found at: https://coeus.itap.purdue.edu/coeus/userAuthAction.do


1. PI will be notified by system generated email when IRB Requested Revisions are required

2. Log into CoeusLite

3. Click “My IRB Protocols”


4. Click the “Complete IRB Requested Revisions” button in bottom section of IRB Home page


5. Pop up window will open with all protocols that have requested revisions, click the protocol that you wish to complete revisions for

6. Submission record will open in Edit