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Coeus Lite - IRB Protocols


!!! IMPORTANT !!!  - Submission of IRB Protocols through CoeusLite is for Extension Educator Exemption Requests ONLY.  All HRPP Protocol submissions and revisions must be completed using hardcopy process.

The IRB Notes screen allows Investigators, Study Personnel, Administrators, or anyone else that has access to edit the submission the ability to enter itemized pieces of working information.  Notes entered are permanent and cannot be edited once saved.  Notes are NOT part of an approved protocol submission and are for working purposes ONLY.

bulletAdd Note


1. Click the “Add Notes” link


2. Directly enter desired Note information into the “Comment” field

IMPORTANT:  Remember that once a Note is saved it CANNOT be edited.


3. Click “Save”

4. Repeat for any additional notes to enter

bulletView Note


Click the “View” link next to the saved note you wish to review.