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Coeus Lite - IRB Protocols


!!! IMPORTANT !!!  - Submission of IRB Protocols through CoeusLite is for Extension Educator Exemption Requests ONLY.  All HRPP Protocol submissions and revisions must be completed using hardcopy process.

If the project has funding associated with it, this screen allows the Investigator to designate the source.  Completing the Funding Source screen is REQUIRED when funding sources for the project are applicable. 

bulletAdd Funding Source

1.  Click the "Add Funding Source" link

2.  Select the Type from the available drop down menu


Examples for Extension:
  • Sponsor-External Funding: Grants from local community foundations, Federal Sponsors, Agencies, etc.
  • Departmental Funding: on-campus sources – 310 account, salary savings, or Extension Director funds
  • Other -Self Funded: gifts, cost recovery activity, education fund
If you have questions about funding, contact Debbie Clampitt, clampitd@purdue.edu


3.  Complete the Number/Code field

  • Sponsor-External Funding: Enter the appropriate Sponsor Code, or click "Search" and complete the standard Sponsor search
  • Departmental Funding: Enter the appropriate Unit Number, or click "Search" and complete the standard Unit search
  • Other -Self Funded: Enter brief description that specifies the funding source

4.  Click "Save"

5.  Repeat for any additional Funding SourcesRemove Funding Source

bulletRemove Funding Source

1.  Click the "Remove" link next to the listed area to be removed.


2.  Click "OK" on the confirmation pop-up box