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CoeusLite - IRB Protocol


!!! IMPORTANT !!!  - Submission of IRB Protocols through CoeusLite is for Extension Educator Exemption Requests ONLY.  All HRPP Protocol submissions and revisions must be completed using hardcopy process.

Protocol Amendments are submissions that request changes to a previously approved IRB Protocol.  Amendment submission numbers are based on the original protocol number and can be identified by the suffix of A00X.  The last three digits of an Amendment Protocol Number designates which amendment it is (example:  1306001162A003 is the third Amendment created for the protocol 1306001162).  Once an Amendment is approved, the updated information will be incorporated into the main protocol so that the information available is always the most current.

bulletCreate New Amendment

1.  Log into CoeusLite and click "My IRB Protocols"


2.  At the bottom of the IRB Home page, click the "Create New Amendment" button


3.  The Select the IRB Protocol screen should open.  This screen should display all protocols that are eligible for Amending

noteNOTE:  If a protocol is not listed that you believe should be it is likely you do not have the appropriate accesses for that record.  Only persons with the Aggregator role on the base protocol may create Amendment submissions.  Please contact coeushelp@purdue.edu for assistance.


4.  Scroll through the list of eligible protocols and click anywhere on the listed protocol to create the new Amendment record

5.  Once clicked, the Protocol Amendment Summary screen should open and be available for editing