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Coeus Lite - IRB Protocol


!!! IMPORTANT !!!  - Submission of IRB Protocols through CoeusLite is for Extension Educator Exemption Requests ONLY.  All HRPP Protocol submissions and revisions must be completed using hardcopy process.

Correspondents are individuals who, in addition to the PI, should be copied on all IRB communications related to this protocol.  This window is primarily for IRB Administrative use but Investigators may identify additional persons to be copied on official IRB Correspondences.

 bulletAdd Correspondent


1. Click "Add Correspondents" (if adding for the first time, skip to step 2)

2. Click the "Search/Add Person” button

3. Complete the Person Search for the desired individual

4. Select the desired individual from the Person Search results

5. Name:  the person selected in previous steps should auto-populate the Name field

6. Type:  Define the appropriate Type for the Person listed

7. Comments:  Enter any additional instructions or information, field is OPTIONAL

8. Click Save

9. Repeat for each additional Correspondent you would like to identify

bulletRemove Correspondent


To remove a listed Correspondent, click the “Remove” link next to their listing and then click “OK” in the confirmation window.