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Card Services Readers

Types of Card Applications supported by the Card Services Office

  • BoilerExpress Account Access

    These readers are used to access the funds deposited in the cardholders BoilerExpress debit account. Two examples are food purchases in the Purdue Memorial Union, or Stone Hall.

  • Door Access Readers

    These readers can provide access control for doors and turnstiles. Doors can be controlled 24 hours, or unlocked for a portion of the day/week and then provide access at other times. Two examples are access to the Recreational Sports Center, or Krannert.

  • Copy Readers

    These readers allow cardholders to pay for copies at various locations in the Residence Halls. Two examples are Windsor Hall, and Earhart Hall.

  • Student Verification Readers

    These readers check a students status to determine if they are currently enrolled. The can also check to see if a cardholder has some other authorization. Examples are the readers in the PMU Check Cashing office, and the equipment check out area in the Recreational Sports Center.

  • Vending Readers

    These readers allow BoilerExpress payments for purchases at various vending machine locations across campus. Two examples are the vending lounges in Beering Hall, and Knoy.

  • Laundry Readers

    These readers allow a cardholder to pay for washing or drying their clothes via their BoilerExpress debit account. These readers are available in all residence hall locations except Purdue Village, and Hilltop Apartments.