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Life-Cycle of an Account - Policy Training Program - Pre-award through Closeout

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Course 1 - BLCA 200 - Cost Principles for Educational Institutions  - October 2012

This is the first course in the 'Lifecycle of an Account' policy training. Ten courses are included in the program. Cost Principals for Educational Institutions introduces the Cost Accounting Standards, the objectives of A-21 and various regulations. Attendees will learn the importance of documentation, definitions concerning 'allowable' and 'unallowable' costs and costing policies.

Course 2 - BLCA 210 - Pre-award Process: Idea to Award

This course will focus on understanding why certain processes are followed when developing a proposal. The course will primarily cover these main areas:

Course 3 - BLCA 220 - Principles of Fund Establishment

This course focuses on setting up different types of funds at Purdue, including payroll setup and cost sharing.

Course 4 - BLCA 230 - Principles of Award Establishment

This course covers topics related to award setup at Purdue including contracting, Notices to Proceed (NTP), electronic award information requests and notices, SPS award setup issues, and reporting requirements.

Course 5 - BLCA 240 - Account Management Day to Day Tasks

The two-hour course will include the importance of appropriate backup documentation, emphasize the many resources available to determine if a transaction is allowable, and educate attendees about the records retention schedule. The course will rely heavily on examples and case studies designed to engage the audience in discussion and enable practical application of the information presented.


Course 6 - BLCA 250 - Signature Delegation


T his course will help participants understand the dual role in signature delegations; understand which forms business office staff are authorized to sign and to know how to audit a document before signing.


Course 7 - BLCA 270 - Cost Sharing

This course covers cost share from proposal to close-out and the steps involved, including: award set-up, reconciliation, life of the project, and meeting the cost share commitment.

Course 8 - BLCA 280 - Account Management Correction Certifications

The focus of this course is policies and procedures associated with document correction and effort reporting at Purdue University.

Course 9 - BLCA 290 - 2008 Pre auditor  Training*

* by invitation only

Course 10 - BLCA 300 - Non Sponsored Program Accounts

This course provides an explanation of the policies and procedures associated with non-sponsored program accounts at Purdue University.

Course 11 - BLCA 320 - Account Management Closings

This course will provide information about the tools associated with closing accounts. Materials will address the role of cash management and the importance of positive cash balances at Purdue. The best business practices incorporated into 120 day closing checklists will be reviewed with a focus on why checklist tasks are important.

Intended Audience: SPS account managers and clerks, Accounting Services, Business office staff, Costing, Division of Financial Aid